HP Omnicept & HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

Introducing a revolutionary way for software developers to transform app development. Now, you can create adaptive experiences driven by a user’s natural response in the moment and uncover actionable insights to take training, wellbeing, creation and collaboration to the next level. This is the future of VR.

The new HP virtual reality (VR) headset includes a sensor system that measures muscle movement, gaze, pupil size, pulse, facial expressions, and seamlessly transfers this data to the HP Omnicept platform. Thus, it easily captures the user’s reactions and guarantees a unique user-centric VR experience. 

The HP Omnicept Solution combines an intelligent VR headset, the Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition, and a developer-focused software development kit (SDK) into a single platform. This allows you to create adaptive experiences driven by a user’s natural response in the moment, and gain actionable insights to take training, wellbeing, creation, and collaboration to the next level.

Large field of applications

Build apps that measure a user's cognitive load – giving businesses a better understanding of the trainee’s performance and ability to make decisions. Now, with this new set of data, you can personalize learning paths to help trainees deal with high-risk situations and ultimately master them more successfully.

Your applications can take advantage of real-time insights to improve wellbeing. Embrace VR technology and provide experiences that help reduce stress, improve comfort, and assist breakthroughs.

Creation & Collaboration
Imagine a retail scenario where you can create a heat map of where people's attention is on the shelf or in the ad so you can better understand product placement and what works and what does not. Or product design – what draws people’s attention first. Furthermore, with the face camera you can deliver avatars that display authentic facial expressions. 

Actionable insights
Data from the headset is interpreted through machine learning to give you real time insights, such as how much brain power a user exerts in a VR session. This is an indicator of how well someone performs under stress and how effectively decisions are made. 

Safeguarded data – protected privacy
The firmware of the head-mounted display safeguards sensor data at every moment of capture and no data is stored on the headset. HP Omnicept powered applications help ensure the capture and transfer of data comply with GDPR and keep user data confidential.

Make the most of it
HP Omnicept's flexible business model offers different options – from free access to sensor data to enterprise licenses that enable in-house development and use. Enter a new era of virtual reality with the HP Omnicept platform. 
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