HP ZCentral 4R - 1U Rack Workstation

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

We started shipping the first ZCentral 1U Rack Workstation

HP ZCentral 4R Rack Workstation and HP ZCentral Software are complementing each other perfectly. ZCentral Software is a new remote computing solution designed to address common pain points with local workstation deployments. It is an alternative to servers, virtualization (or VDI) and cloud service providers. HP ZCentral offers users remote access to dedicated (or bare metal) workstations instead of virtual machines. HP’s full portfolio of desktop workstations can be rack mounted in compute rooms or data closets, while providing a best in class remote experience to end users via ZCentral Remote Boost*. IT can manage end user connections to pools of workstations with the all new HP ZCentral Connect. The key advantages over servers, virtualization and the cloud are better performance, lower cost and simpler setup and maintenance; all from a single vendor.

About the ZCentral 4R Rack Workstation

Equipped with the latest Intel Xeon® W Processors (up to 18 CPU cores) and graphics options up to the NVIDIA®Quadro®RTX™8000, remote workers get professional-grade performance built for intense workloads. ZCentral 4R also provides layers of security with an exterior lockable front panel, HP Security Suite pre-loaded inside the box, all while physically secure in a racked data closet.

HP ZCentral 4R Workstation is the world’s first single sourced remote workstation solution and with the addition of ZCentral, enables workers to better create, connect, and collaborate seamlessly from remote locations. New updates to the solution help address two top IT challenges: managing multiple remote devices at once and the increased security risk from more remote endpoint devices.

If you do want to test the ZCentral 4R Workstation please reach out to your respective Account Manager to get a Demo Unit.

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