Made for the healthcare environment

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

Whether on-site or in telemedicine, healthcare professionals need technology at hand when interacting with patients. Whatever your workflow looks like, with the HP Engage portfolio, you have solutions at your side to provide better experiences for patients and professionals alike.

The HP Engage portfolio consists of stationary All-in-One computers and mobile solutions made for demanding, fast paced, 24/7 environments in healthcare. The stationary HP Engage One Pro devices can be mounted on a wall or on a pole for unassisted information, on a cart for bedside consultations, or on a table for patient intake or medical office use. The HP Engage Go tablets can be carried from room to room.

Suitable for any application

HP Engage Go
Ambulance crews need to securely capture sensitive patient information on-the-go and under challenging conditions. HP Engage Go tablets are lightweight and ruggedized with long battery life, helping ambulance professionals deliver life-saving services when and where it is needed. In addition, the tablets can be used by doctors and nurses for daily patient consultations. This allows them to record data on the spot or show patients important information for further treatment.

HP Engage One Pro
Whether at the nurses’ station, in the patient room or at the reception area of a healthcare organization, HP Engage One Pro computers can be safely and securely used to view and edit patient data, manage patient intake, process payments and insurance claims, and conduct medical consultations.

Always clean and secure
Patient safety and minimizing infections means all hardware used needs to be easily and repeatedly sterilized. The HP-Easy-Clean-app provides the ability to disinfect the HP Engage devices with medical-grade germicidal wipes without having to turn them off. It temporarily disables input devices such as keyboards or touch screens to avoid inadvertent input while wiping the unit down. After a selectable period of time those inputs will be re-enabled, saving waiting time to reboot the unit.

Touch technology despite wearing gloves
Having to take off your gloves to access or enter data into the device, not only is an unnecessary step in the workflow, but also unsanitary. For this reason, doctors and nurses can use gloves on the touch screens of the HP Engage portfolio: the system features touch technology that repels water and ensures touch functionality even when wearing gloves. And it rejects false touches triggered by drops of liquid.

Ergonomics and hidden cable management
In healthcare, it is important to keep your working space clutter-free, otherwise dust and dirt can easily settle there. We have therefore hidden the cable management system and you only need to remove the door when you need access to connectors. Moreover, you can deploy the system your way. There are three screen sizes in portrait or landscape orientation. Choose the setup that best suits you and your needs. From tilt and height adjustability to ports for accessories, the system can be used the way you want it and is suitable for a diverse set of users.

Certified: Closing the gap between doctor and patient
You can bring the HP Engage products closer to patients than general-use systems. The equipment is EN/IEC 60601-1-2 certified and IP44 rated. This means it will not interfere with the sensitive medical equipment around the patient. Other devices must maintain a minimum distance of 1.8 meters. That does not make for a very personable doctor’s visit, and it certainly does not aid in helping the patient feel more comfortable and cared for. Close the gap between doctor/nurse and patient with HP Engage devices.

Part of the world’s most secure systems
The healthcare industry is the third most attacked industry in 2020, with 17% of all detected attacks according to the 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report. Thus, cybersecurity is of utmost importance for healthcare organizations since they handle very sensitive patient data. Therefore, only the highest level of protection is good enough.

  • HP Sure Start
    Inspects BIOS and automatically self-heals if damaged by malware or corruption. By ensuring only trusted BIOS code is executed, HP Sure Start protects your devices at its most fundamental level.
  • HP Sure Run
    Keeps critical processes running even when malware tries to shut them down. Hardware-enforced HP Sure Run monitors critical processes and notifies users and IT of any changes, and automatically restarts these processes if turned off.
  • HP Sure Recover
    Driven by the HP Endpoint Security Controller, HP Sure Recover enables users to remove all software on a computer and reinstall their systems quickly and securely using only a network connection – no IT intervention needed.
  • HP BIOSphere
    HP BIOSphere Gen6 offers an ecosystem of protections to help defend your system, including automated protections, customizable safeguards, and easy manageability.

Here you can find all the information about HP Engage One Pro and HP Engage Go product specifications.